Samuel Wilcox1

M, #1496, b. 12 January 1742, d. 28 June 1827
FatherSamuel Wilcox2
MotherAnn Carpenter2
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Birth*Samuel Wilcox was born on 12 January 1742 at West Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut.1,3 
He was the son of Samuel Wilcox and Ann Carpenter.2 
Marriage*Samuel Wilcox married Lois Cogswell on 22 June 1763 at Preston, New Lond, Connecticut.3,2  
Military*Samuel Wilcox was a Seargent in Capt. Nathan Watkin's company of Minute-men, which marched April 22, 1775 in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775. He served 1 month and 25 days. He was given an order for a bounty coat dated Charlestown Camp, Fort No. 3, Oct 27, 1775 while in Capt. Sloan's company of Col John Paterson's 26th regiment.4 
Residence*Hesettled in 1798 at Manlius, Onondaga, NY; now Dewitt near Lyndon.5 
Death*He died on 28 June 1827 at Lyndon, Dewitt County, New York, at age 85.1 


Lois Cogswell b. 28 April 1744


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