Donald Andersen1

M, #979, d. 1918
FatherPeter Andersen1
MotherFern (?)1
Donald Andersen was the son of Peter Andersen and Fern (?)1 
Burial*Donald Andersen was buried in 1918 According to Nadene Anderson, Donald was buried in a small cemetery that she started in the corner of Pete's pasture northeast of the buildings.1 
Death*He died in 1918 Donald died during the 1918 flu epidemic at the age of 2. The entire family had had the flu.1 


  1. [S120] Letter from Mrrs. Dwayne Andersen (Nadene), Seneca, NE, to her family, dated Dec. 1982 (Copies held by Richard and Nancy Webb, unknown repository reference) "unknown cd" REF 120.